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Cleaning and dusting the Soundboard of your grand piano. 

By Kevin E. Hancock

Getting a dust cloth under the strings of a grand piano can be a tedious task.  The use of a “soundboard steel” tool can make the job much easier.  This long flexible tool can be wrapped with a dampened dust cloth and slid under the strings for fairly easy dust removal.

Begin by soaking your dust cloth in warm water.  Wring out completely, open the cloth, wrap it in a towel, and wring it once more.  This should leave the cloth just slightly damp, but not wet.

This is a Soundboard-Steel and Cheesecloth

Tuck the dampened cloth through the loop of the tool.

Wrap the cloth around the tool to cover it with cloth.

With the steel covered in cloth, you can begin to dust under the plate and strings as shown below.

You can use a paint stir-stick to maneuver the dusting tool.

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