Patiently applying and building the finish

Multiple coats of lacquer are applied and sanded between every other coat with 320 grit finishing paper.  The sanding is progressive and gets more thorough as the finish is built up.  This keeps the coating from being too thick, yet allows for the built to be smooth and level.  Ample drying time between coats is important to allow the finish to shrink into the grain of the wood and let the solvents evaporate. Between coats, a replica decal is applied to the fallboard and any necessary touch up colorants are applied.


The lid is sprayed with wood lacquer.

Between coats of finish, the parts are sanded with 320 grit sandpaper to flatten the surface and ready it for the next coat of lacquer.

After the first few coats of lacquer, the new decal is applied.

The decal is top coated with multiple coats of lacquer.

Replacement veneer is blended with surrounding areas.

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