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Finish Restoration and Rejuvenation.

Touch up Damages on Mason and Hamlin Grand Piano

Many pianos do not require complete refinishing to look significantly improved. If your finish is in reasonable condition but looks dirty or dull, it may only need to be cleaned, rubbed, and French Polished.  Minor dents and loose veneer can be repaired and cosmetically enhanced to blend the damage to the surrounding areas.

 Touch up work performed on beautiful old mahogany piano.


Key Advantages

 A way to make an old finish look better without the expense of total refinishing.

   Increase the value and the sale-ability of your piano.

 Repair the damages caused by moving or abuse.



Potentials of Restoration and Rejuvenation

Scratches can be rubbed out, dents repaired, and cosmetically repaired to improve the appearance of your piano. 

"French Polishing" an old or lifeless finish will dramatically improve the appearance and condition of a piano finish.  As with many Steinway and Sons, Mason and Hamlin, and other fine pianos, this technique may be a better option than refinishing, as to maintain and preserve an old coating.

The hardware can be restored, the soundboard cleaned, loose veneer re-glued, and water rings repaired.



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