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Complete Refinishing

Finished Mahogany Steinway & Sons Grand Piano

Complete refinishing includes taking all parts off the piano and removing the old finish from all wood parts.  All surfaces are prepared for a new finish with necessary sanding, veneer repairs, and dent filling.  With the wood ready for a finish, dyes, paste filler, and topcoats are patiently applied.  Necessary color and tonal adjustments are made between coats to make the finish clear, warm and rich.  After a full bodied lacquer is applied, the finish is allowed to cure for at least a week before it is rubbed to a traditional satin or semi gloss sheen. 


The "Restoration Process" page has more of the specific details that are involved in the complete refinishing.


Key Benefits of Complete Refinishing

  • The piano has been returned to its original splendor, the way it was meant to look.
  • The piano will look beautiful for many years.
  • A properly restored piano will maintain or increase in value.
  • Hardware, leather buttons, felts, and the decal are all restored or replaced.

Incentives for hiring Hancock Restorations

  • If your piano is a family heirloom and is in need of a facelift, consider hiring an experienced craftsman that is capable of providing the proper care for the instrument, restore the damages, and carefully apply a finish that will bring aesthetic pleasures for many years to come.
  • Refinishing a piano is different than refinishing furniture or antiques.  The intricate musical parts of the piano must be protected from chemical finish removers, dust, and finish overspray.  Nearly thirty years experience in the piano restoration field assures you that your piano will be treated with the utmost care.
  • If your piano has unique damage from water, fire, or neglect, be confident that these damages can be repaired to the highest standards in the industry.


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